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Discover the most stylish home design products online, curated by a community of influencers, experts and trend-setters with great taste. The Home Design Co. features beautiful and functional products from your home, you can actually buy.


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We bring boutique curation to homeware shopping. Our product collections are carefully handpicked and thoughtfully maintained by real the very best experts and trend-setters in the industry.

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You can buy most of the curated products found on our site directly from us. For the home design product finds we don't stock we still want to give you the opportunity to buy. For these items, we link to Amazon with a "View on Amazon" button instead of "Add to Cart". Amazon has great prices, fast shipping, excellent customer support, so we're putting you in safe hands!

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We’re a small team spread across California, from Palm Springs to San Francisco. If there’s anything on your mind, we’d love to hear from you.