The Common Decorating Mistake That Doesn’t Get Past Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Decorating Tips

Ellen DeGeneres may grace our TV screens every afternoon, and our Facebook feeds whenever an adorable 5-year old points out Russia on a map, but did you know that she also has quite the interior design background? With over a dozen renovations under her belt, a stunning home featured in Architectural Digest, a design show on HGTV, and even a home décor book under her belt, her decorating credentials rival some of the most prolific interior designers.

She can now add two more to her arsenal a furniture collaboration with Thomasville and a new rug and accessories collection for Loloi. “My collection for Thomasville is inspired by the furniture I have in my own home,” the TV host told MyDomaine. “I thought there was a need for more pieces that are functional but stylish and I wanted to help people find that. Also, I needed a new end table.”

While DeGeneres was clearly made for TV, decorating has always played an integral part in her life: “I’ve loved interior design for as long as I can remember,” she told us. “I moved around a lot growing up and was always fascinated by the different styles of houses I lived in. Like most young children, I spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of wood paneling.” Always equipped with her quick wit, DeGeneres answered MyDomaine’s rapid-fire questionnaire on all things décor. 

Curious to know her top decorating tips or the mistakes she always notices in other people’s homes? Ellen DeGeneres tells all...



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