50 Beautiful Furniture Designs Inspired by Small Spaces

Furnishing a small space is a challenge but definitely not a reason to get depressed about it. Think of it as an opportunity to explore all the ingenious ways in which you can save space and a chance to familiarize yourself with a bunch of cool furniture designs and concepts that you would otherwise not know about. As it turns out, finding furniture for small spaces is not that difficult these days as a lot of designers focus on innovating the basics specifically so efficiency or studio apartments can be stylish and functional too. Of course, it’s not just the furniture that helps make a small space enjoyable and practical. Things like moving walls or large windows have a positive impact on the big picture as well.


Chairs and benches that make storage easy and fun

Chairs are always great to have around just in case you need them for guests and certain activities. Storing them when they’re not needed, however, is a whole different story. Designs like that of the Comoda Chair shown here make storage easy but not in the most traditional way.

The Hanger Chair is even better when it comes to space efficiency and easy storage. This is a chair that folds flat when you don’t need and which can be stored just like a clothing hanger. You can put it in the closet or hide it behind a cabinet and you would need very little space for that. The chair was designed in 2008 by Philippe Malouin.

Step and Step Mini are two interesting pieces designed by Karl Malmvall. The first one is a step ladder which can be stylishly stored on the wall or in a closet and the second is a step stool which can also be folded and easily stored away using the specially designed hook.

The most common way of saving space when you have several chairs is by stacking them. That doesn’t always look good and sometimes it’s not even a viable option. The Remo chair, however, was specifically designed to be easily stacked in a neat and beautiful fashion. It comes in a variety of different colors and it’s made of plywood, with a metal base.

Benches can be very practical but not when they occupy more space than you’re willing to dedicate to them. Toda is not like that. That’s because this is an extendable bench. It can from one to seven people and in its compact form it looks more like an ottoman.

This little ottoman can provide seating for up to five people, can you believe it? Curious how such a thing is possible? Each side and the top of the ottoman can be removed and then attached to one of bases found inside the main ottoman structure. What a great way to save space…Further more, with the Cubista system you’re always prepared to accommodate more guests.

Tables and desks with secrets to hide

Tables, much like beds, occupy a lot of space and are only used in certain situations, the rest of the time just standing in the way and taking up space that could otherwise be used in other manners. Wally doesn’t do that. This is a drop-leaf table that can be neatly stored on the wall and which reveals a few shelves when down.

This is a combination of two elements, both incredibly practical and space-efficient. One is a pull-down bed which can be conveniently stored on the wall when not in use and the other is an extendible console table. Together they make this tiny space stand out for all the right reasons.

A lot of people fancy the idea of having a pool table in their home and would even get one if it weren’t so big. But while having a pool table doesn’t seem like a very practical idea, especially in a small home, having one that can double as a dining table is quite enticing. The Wood-Line table is exactly that – a two-in-one piece that lets you turn your dining area into a game room by simply sliding off the wooden top.

A home office is one of those things that you wish you had the space for but ends up being nothing more than a desire. Thinking that you need a separate room for your home office is one of the things that prevents this from becoming reality. This Home Office shows that it’s not necessary. It has a drop-down desk, and practical shelf storage, all hidden in a compact wall unit.

How can something as small and as narrow as a console table be transformed into a dining table big enough for ten people? To find the answer to this question you need to have a look at the Minuettotable. The transformation is quick and simple thanks to the ingenious mechanism.

What about a coffee table that can transform into a dining table? That sounds a bit more believable although still quite impressive. The AC Assist table is one of the models which can offer you that. It starts out as a compact coffee table and it can expand to 125.98” in which case it becomes big enough for eight people.

Nesting tables are space-efficient by definition but some take this efficiency to a new level. They do it by being transparent. This is the Peekaboo series, a set of three acrylic nesting tables which manage to be practical without taking up much space, physically and visually.

The inspiration for a round dining table that could expand radially came from the patented design of Robert Jupe from 1835. The concept was refined and reinvented until finally, the Capstan table was created by David Fletcher.

Space-saving beds and sofas


How could a bed not take up a lot of floor space? Well, it’s quite simple actually. Have you ever seen a Murphy bed? A lot of ingenious space-saving furniture designs are based on this idea. Some of them were presented at ICFF by Resource Furniture, including this wall bed system which allows a living room to be turned into a sleeping area in a few seconds.



With the Habitat in Motion series featured at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Clei introduced a movable wall unit which allows a space to serve as a living room, dining area, office or bedroom, its function being determined by configuration chosen by the user based on his needs. In other words, the wall system can hide inside its compact form a double bed, two bunk beds, a desk and a modular bookcase and these elements would stay hidden or would conceal other elements allowing the room to stay neat and spacious.


Modular sofas are not exactly news and yet we come across some designs that are truly surprising and remarkable, like that of the Sofista set. This is a sofa, armchair and chaise longue set. These can be used both individually and combined. When put together they fit like pieces in a puzzle. The two chairs fit under the sofa and their backrests become armrests.


Isn’t this modular set wonderful? We love its simple design, soft curves and vibrant colors. It’s a set offered by Campeggi. It’s composed of a bright orange frame which holds two seats that can be used individually as floor chairs and two pillows which can be armrests, ottomans or footstools. When all the elements are used individually, they can sit seven people in total.

The classical Murphy bed system is quite popular and definitely one of the best space-saving ideas for apartments and small homes in general. After all, storing an entire bed up on a wall is quite amazing. Still, it’s not the only way in which you can store a bed in order to save floor space. Upshows us an alternative. This is a bed which can be stored up on the ceiling when not in use.

Small space furniture can take many different forms. Bunk beds, for instance, are quite space-efficient. The simple fact that you can have two beds that take up the space of one is pretty great but what you could save even more space. That’s possible with the WB Flap Bunk which hides the beds inside a wall unit, much like a Murphy bed.

Transforming furniture like sofa beds or pull-out sleeper chairs is practical for several reasons. The problem with many of them is the lack of comfort. The Be Gulliver sofa/ bed appears to be an exception, managing to blend looks, function and comfort in a great way.

This is simplicity at its best. The Stack beds are a two-in-one set. You can stack them in which case they become a single bed or you can use them as two separate beds. They’re perfect for kids, especially when they have a friend sleeping over or for guest rooms, offering flexibility and saving space.

The design of the Dorme sofa was developed as part of a project focused on compact living spaces and small apartments done by Norwegian designer Silje Nesdal. The sofa is meant to be very versatile and modular, featuring a collection of upholstered cushions which can be used in a variety of configurations, including in combination with a side table. Remove the backrests and you’re left with a comfortable bed.

This is the Dynamic Life sofa designed by Matali Crasset. It’s a modular piece of furniture but not in the traditional sense. The innovative thing about it is the actual design which allows it to be configured in three different manners. You can either use it as a compact sofa, as a pair of chaise longues with armrests or as a deconstructed bed. In each case, the transformation is very simple and intuitive.

Have you ever wished that you wouldn’t have to make any physical effort while converting the sofa into a bed and everything could be done by simply pushing the button on a remote? Now you can actually do that. What a time to be alive! We’re talking about the Wow sofa bed which was designed in 2017 by Giulio Manzoni.

It’s not exactly a sofa, nor is it a bed, at least not in the traditional sense of the terms. However, it can be both and it can also serve as a pair of armchairs and the transformation is simple and doesn’t require much effort or space. It’s called Look-alike (Sosia) and it’s a dynamic and very chic and modern piece perfect for modern spaces with casual-chic decors.

There’s something else that we’d like to share with you now – a set of three beds and a desk, all stacked up for a minimal waste of space. The desk is placed around the middle of the unit, featuring two slide-out beds under it and one on top. The system is highly practical and ideal for shared children’s rooms. {found on gautier}.

Compact storage options and cool hybrid pieces


If you’re the type that enjoys reading, you probably already have a collection of favorite books that needs to be stored somewhere. You probably also know that the collection will most likely grow over time and you’ll reach a point when you’ll need more shelves or a larger bookcase. You can have that without getting new furniture thanks to the expandable bookcase designed by Nendo. It’s called Nest and  can expand and shrink like an accordion.

It’s hard to place this module into a particular category since it can serve as a stool, a coffee table, a bookcase, a magazine holder or a shelving system. The Steel stool is one of the most versatile and multifunctional modules we’ve seen so far. Use it as a standalone piece or combine several together to make complex units.

There are a lot of ingenious and very practical furniture collections which impress in so many ways. As if from nowhere is one of them. It’s a modular system that puts together a set of storage cubbies, a table and four chairs. You can arrange them in various configurations depending on your needs and preferences. The coolest thing is the manner in which the table and chairs are stored. They slide between the shelves, becoming colorful outlines.

Wall shelves don’t really take up much space but that doesn’t mean they can’t be optimized in that sense. The Fläpps shelves are an interesting example. The system consists of two wooden shelves attached to a frame. They can either sit flush with the wall or they can be folded down. In other words, if there’s nothing to keep on the shelf, it disappears to save space and to ensure a more open look.

The Domus chair is perfect for reading nooks and that’s because it has a built-in bookcase. The chair was designed by Andrea Mangano The shelves that fit into the frame of the chair can be removed and used individually or they can be stored inside to save floor space.

This is something called the OpenBook. It’s a comfortable armchair with built-in storage for books and magazines. It has shelves on one side and straps on the other. In addition, the shelving modules also form a nice built-in side table.

You don’t need a home office unless you plan on actually working from home on a regular basis. If, however, you only occasionally need a small desk, you can seamlessly fit that into the living room. Flat lets you disguise the desk as a painting. Fold down the frame and you’ll find a small work surface as well as a shallow storage compartment for certain devices or accessories. It’s the perfect desk for small spaces.

The Indoor Stoop is a multifunctional module with a cute and quirky design. It can be used for seating, for storage or for both. The three drawers provide storage for things like books, clothes, toys and pretty much anything else that fits inside. The drawer fronts are peg boards which is a pretty fun feature.

Whether you need a permanent desk which can serve as a homework area or just the occasional workstation, this combo lets you have it and doesn’t make a fuss about it. The Home-Work Sideboard is a set of two elements: a desk and a chair which together can look like a compact sideboard. It’s a great solution for small bedrooms and a stylish option for modern living spaces.

It’s not just the big furniture pieces that occupy a lot of space in our homes but also the accessories. For example, where do you store your ironing board? How about the mirror? As it turns out, these two elements can be combined into a single piece. Check out this stylish combo designed by Aissa Logerot. You can use it as an ironing board and, when you’re done, flip it and have a look in the mirror. {found on godownsize}.

It’s also possible to disguise a table as a wall-mounted mirror. We’re talking about the Vengio table which is a great space-saver. It’s attached to the wall on one side and has fold-down legs on the other which, when the table is upright, frame a mirror.

Since we’re talking about mirrors with secrets to hide, let’s check out one more design. This is Box, a simple mirror with a frame that lets it double as a cabinet full of shelves. It’s basically a wall-mounted cabinet with a mirrored door. You could put this in the bedroom, the entryway or even the bathroom.

With this coffee table you don’t need armchairs and storage drawers because they actually come with the table. This is in fact a combo of three elements. There’s the low coffee table which looks quite elegant, an armchair with a flip-down backrest which can fit under the table and a small storage module which doubles as a side table and fits under the other hanf of the coffee table. {found on pearlmandaniel}.

Multifunctional furniture is very convenient and practical because you don’t always need it to serve the same purpose. For example, sometimes you need an extra chair but sometimes you could use a table. In such situations, the Table Chair is the perfect piece. It can either be a table or two separate chairs. It was designed by Joel Hesselgren.

Modular Furniture

It was named after the Russian nesting dolls and it’s truly an all-in-one piece. Matroshka is a combination between a desk, a double bed, a couch, a wardrobe, a dining table, four stools, a set of bookshelves and some added storage and it all fits into a compact module that measures only 13 square feet which is 1.2 square meters.

Retractable chair


One moment it’s flat, the next one it’s shaped like a chair. The Ollie chair takes form with the pull of a string and then retracts the same way. It’s a versatile piece suitable for a variety of different spaces, whether indoor or outdoor.

Some transformations are unexpected and intriguing while others are make more sense. For example, you might expect a sofa to turn into a bed but a painting that can turn into a desk may come as a surprise. Kiss is somewhere in between. It’s an ottoman which doubles as an armchair, a somewhat interesting concept yet not exactly mind-blowing.

Inspiring interior designs

This is something that Elii Architects designed for a Madrid apartment that they renovated. They have the small apartment a new and updated look with multifunctional furniture and clever storage systems. One of the walls has a bunch of built-in features such as a fold-out table, a bench and a bunch of storage compartments.

Spanish studio Elii Architects also designed this small apartment which is also located in Madrid. It’s a space in the attic of an old building and in order to turn it into a comfortable and spacious home, the architects had to look for ways to maximize the limited floor space by introducing custom-made furniture. They gave the apartment a flexible layout with moving walls, cleverly-hidden storage spaces and multifunctional furniture pieces. There’s a table and two benches that come out of the ceiling…how cool is that?

When designer Just Haasnoot decided to remodel his home, he chose studio Mieke Meijer for the job. The studio gave the apartment a new look and included a variety of clever and interesting elements, including a staircase installation that’s composed of two sections. One is attached to the ceiling and upper section of the wall while the other is on the floor. Both are made of steel and wood. The lower section has a built-in desk and storage. It’s a hybrid piece with multiple functions.

Maybe there’s no room for a separate home office or even for a desk in the living room but perhaps you could squeeze a small desk in the kitchen. It could be a simple pull-out worktop cleverly integrated under the counter and you could pair it with a small chair or a bench, like in this open kitchen.



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