25 Ways To Improve Your Home If You’re On A Serious Budget

After recently becoming a homeowner, I’m overwhelmed with projects that I’m just chomping at the bit to do! There’s one small problem, though — money, and the fact that it doesn’t grow on trees.

Until I win the lottery, I have to do things on a budget, and these are just the ideas that I needed. Take a look and see if any of these home improvement projects work with your budget.

1.  Paint Your Tub & TIle

If you have an old, outdated tub and tile, you can use paint to give it a fresh upgrade.

This blogger used Rust-Oleum Cover Stain Primer/Sealer to paint over her ugly pink (yes, I said pink!) tub and tile. After months of showering and bathing, this paint is still holding up!

Variety by Vashti

2. Faux Shiplap Backsplash

After owning a home for a few short months, I’ve come to understand just how expensive wood is. I have wanted to do a shiplap wall for a while now, but can’t fork out the money for the wood.


All Things With Purpose

I’m gonna take a page from this blogger’s book and use sticky floor tiles — this looks great!

Total Joanna Gaines style at a fraction of the price! 

All Things With Purpose

3. Dresser To Kitchen Island

If you don’t have a ton of money to fork over for a fancy kitchen island, do what this blogger did!

Find an old dresser, and make it over to a new beautiful kitchen island. This is such a great idea — and since you’re repurposing, you’ll save money!

Dear Creatives

4. Budget-Friendly Entryway

This thrifty blogger has some great tips on how to decorate and design an entryway on a budget.

I think this looks wonderful. A lot of thrift shop finds here, and you’d never know!

5. Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference.

Rather than replace your old bathroom vanity, try giving it a new paint job.

It can’t hurt — and paint is a lot cheaper than a whole new vanity!

You can also replace outdated drawer pulls with something a little more trendy.

One Good Thing

6. DIY Shaker Doors

All the doors upstairs in my home need to be replaced, but I was a little bummed when I saw the price on a shaker door — and they’re one of my favorites.

Little did I know that I could overhaul the doors I already have at a fraction of the price of a brand new door.

Jennifer Squires

7. Ceiling Fan Update

Ceiling fans are great, and I’m so glad that I have a couple in my home. What I don’t like is the outdated look.

Once again, though, a little bit of paint comes to the rescue.

My DIY Projects

8. Pallet Wall

Sometimes an eye-catching accent wall can make all the difference, and using recycled pallets to makean accent wall is the cheapest way to go!

This one looks so good!

9. Concrete Countertop

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a concrete countertop tutorial, and it’s supposed to be super inexpensive to do. I’ll admit, I’m not brave enough to try this one yet.

Are you?

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

The end result looks really good, though! It’s great for those who love the industrial rustic look.

Love the little owl toothbrush holder, too!

10. Stair Makeover

A fresh coat of paint and a stair runner totally makes this old staircase look like new!

Makes me think I need to get a runner for my staircase. I love this look.


11. Painted Floor

Tired of your outdated linoleum floor? I hear you. Flooring is expensive!  You can give an old, outdated floor a brand new look with a bit of paint and a trendy stencil. This looks so much better!

Remington Avenue

12. Painted Sink

People sure did love colorful sinks and tubs way back when.

If you have an outdated sink, you can use a bit of paint and follow this tutorial to bring it into the current decade.

13. Fireplace Makeover

I’m not a big fan of brass finishes; they’re just a little dated.  

Luckily, you can get a special heat-resistant spray paint, and cover this up!

This fireplace looks so sleek and trendy now. This is a great example of a quick and easy home improvement fix.


At Home in the Northwest

14. Light Fixture Upgrade

Go from builder basic to super trendy without having to spend a ton of money. Repurpose a light shade to overhaul a boring light fixture!

Grey House Harbor

15. Fixtures Upgrade

New pretty or trendy fixtures can cost you a small fortune, but a little bit of spray paint can go a long way in sprucing up your old ones. This isn’t even hard to do!

Bless’er House

16. Chair Makeover

If you’re a little strapped for cash but want new looking furniture, just upgrade your old pieces.

You can get paint that is specially made just for fabric. Just look at this beauty.

17. Painted Door Knobs

Just as you can spray paint your fixtures, you can also spray paint your outdated door knobs. The brass is out, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get rid of it!

Thrifty Decor Chick

18. Easy Lamp Upgrade

It’s the little touches that truly make a home beautiful. Something as small as painting the inside of your lamp shade with a bit of gold paint can add just a touch of luxury to your home.


Design Meet Style

19. Cheap DIY Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can be really pricey, especially the fancy ones for large bay windows.

You can make your own custom-fitted curtain rod using PVC pipe.

7 Layer Studio

20. Banister Transformation

If you have a large staircase in your home, but it’s a little dated, don’t fret about having to replace the whole thing for something  a little more modern.

You can transform the one you already have by using a trendy shade of stain.

Creations by Kara

21. Makeover Your Mailbox

If your mailbox is looking a little neglected, there is a quick and easy fix.

All you need to do is give it a fresh coat of paint.

22. Frame A Mirror

By using molding to frame this mirror, these homeowners have totally made their bathroom look so much better. Molding doesn’t cost a lot, either, so this upgrade won’t cost a ton.

23. Cabinet Upgrade

Add a corbel to the end of your back splash to create a more polished look for the kitchen. You can get a wooden corbel from any home improvement store and paint it whatever color matches your kitchen cabinets.

Pinterest | sublime-decor.com


24. Get Plinth Blocks

I didn’t know about this, but it is definitely something that I will be doing! This square piece is called a plinth block, and you can add one to your door trim for a more finished look.

The Handyman’s Daughter


25. Build A Board And Batten Wall

This is my own little inexpensive home improvement DIY. All it cost me was $17, and it totally transformed my entryway!

By The Stand

You’re definitely gonna want to remember these great projects!

Make sure you pin this image to your home improvement board, so you can reference this list later on!


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