22 Colorful and Affordable Retro Kitchen Items Trending in 2018

Retro is back in a big way in 2018. From colorful appliances to vintage signage, these days it not hard to get the retro look. but, it can be expensive! Fear not, The Home Design Co. has all the items you need for your nostalgic, childhood throwback kitchen... and they're affordable too! Upgrade your kitchen or simply take a trip down memory lane and just appreciate these colorful splashes of appliances and homeware! 


1. Classic Retro Telephone





2. Vintage Signs





3. Retro Pink Toaster





4. Luxury Retro Pastel Coffee Mugs





5. Pink Retro Kettle





6. Mid-Century Modern Kitchenware





7. Retro Stainless Steel Non-Stick Pan





8. Vintage Car & Motorcycle Tin Metal Signage





9. Flip-Down Clock





10. Mid-Century Modern Kitchenware










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