17 Times Pets Became Interior Designers and Miserably Failed

Pets, especially dogs, normally act out when they are stressed or aren’t given enough attention and love from their owners. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, their curiosity and mischievous nature get the best of your favorite pair of shoes, pillows and even, wallpaper. Their adorable furry faces, quirky behavior, and messes are what we signed up for. As pet owners, we’ll love them always, through chaos and all. Here are 17 moments, collected by Bored Panda, where pets decided to redecorate the house for their favorite humans. Share this with your fellow pet owners!


#1 Poor little guy just wanted to see when his humans would be coming home.


#2 “Hi Ma! The couch doesn’t look as boring now, blue AND yellow make a good combination! Don’t you think?”


#3 “The white shower curtain was a little too plain, so I decided to spice it up for you. Now I can always see you when you’re taking a bath. It’s purrfect!”


#4 This little elf-dressed pup decided to spread the joy of giving in the only way he knows how…Lesson of the day: An un-trained pup and a robot vacuum cleaner is a GIANT NO!


#5 “I’ve decided to do us a favor and cut the internet line. Now you and I can spend ALL DAY together.”



#6 The owner usually keeps the dog locked in the room when he’s not around. Obviously the dog and his human were not on the same page.


#7 There’s no way anyone could stay mad at this adorable long-haired tabby. Just look at this tilted sweet face!


#8 You love Costco because you get more rolls for less money. Your dog loves Costco because you buy more rolls for him to destroy. It’s a win-win for Costco!


#9 “Hi human, I can’t find my bed mattress. Have you seen it?”


#10 This dog has got a keen taste for fashion. Crocs are not cute.


#11 She’s the queen of the jungle. Hear her meow! The plants grow when she says they can grow.


#12 Dog: 1 , Wallpaper: 0


#13 This bulldog decided to add some character marks to his owner’s new office chair.


#14 “How was your day? Mine wasn’t busy at all!”


#15 Can you guess which one obliterated the squeaky toy?


#16 As long as this pup’s around, the house will never have fluffy pillows.


#17 We’ll never understand their thought process but we love them anyways.