11 Interior Design Fails That Are Almost Too Ridiculous To Believe

Designing a house or a building certainly isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it should never yield any of the following results.

These 11 interior design fails are absolutely unbelievable. Quite frankly, they’re downright infuriating! I hope the people that made them have since learned their lesson or changed their career path.

Even in middle school woodshop classes kids are taught the importance of measuring at least two or three times and planning out the blueprints with as much detail as possible. Without a complete idea of how to proceed, mistakes are bound to be made.

Have you ever tried to do a little renovation in your home without thinking it all the way through? I’ll bet you that you’ve never made any mistakes as terrible as the complete lunacy below. These are all simply unacceptable!

At the end of the day, at least someone will get a good laugh from these terrible design mistakes.

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Imgur / KyleberryLin

Heaven forbid anyone ever needs to use this fire hydrant!



Imgur / Imgur User

And I thought the sinks at work were constantly covered in water. Now that I’ve seen this, I’m thankful the stream of water actually makes it into the sink.



Imgur / Imgur User

This is simply infuriating, and whoever did it deserves a stern talking to.


electric sink

Imgur / yayifoundausername

One can only hope that this is some kind of modern art and not an actual attempt at a functioning faucet.



Imgur / Maelman

You always think you can install it on your own, but then you turn on the switch and this happens.



Imgur / Imgur User

I really hope there is nothing valuable kept behind this door.



Reddit / jonsi_na

What’s going on here? Is this a test?



Reddit / figbucket

I don’t know who is going to fit on the other side of the privacy screen, but I suppose you never know what kind of folks you’ll run into in public bathrooms.


double toilet

Reddit / prettehkitteh

Just in case you’ve been waiting for that special bathroom that’ll let you bring your potty buddy along with you.



Reddit / henryhendrixx

When in the history of door handles has one ever faced in this direction?



Reddit / oioiado

In a world where wall sockets are sometimes scarce, this is deeply troubling.

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Source: littlethings.com


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